Welcome to the world of fashion & glam. we take you through the amazing insights of fashion. not bounded by the latest trends or top styles, but a place where you feel absolute about yourself.


through amazing tools and techniques, photography is bounded with insights that are beyond captivating. with sincere passion its keeps you behind the camera, capturing what you dream. flowing purely with nature from that amazing sunlight to a perfect dim blue sky. it conveys your emotions and allows you capture what you feel.it has a crazy ideology that  drives Human six senses.with photography you go places, explore nature, and support its fact that it is purely divine and beautiful.

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fashion is not based on what the society agrees, fashion is purely one’s style. most of the outfits we see today and call fashion is someone’s personal style. if you are probed to accept it, its beautiful, but when forced to accept it, whether physically or through perception and mindset, then it all goes wrong at that spot. let your imagination run wild and express those fascinating ideas. whether you wear plain pants or crazy jeans, casual or messy looks, be what the world see and think you are. because you dress to express not to impress. let your dress sense speak for you.

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97% percent of your looks is all thanks to those perfect hairstyles you put up, you call it a braid, pony tail, gel pack up, curls or whatever, you still cant help but agree that hair is beauty. take up the time to keep your hair tidy and worth it. it serves as a crown to your looks, so it should be respected.

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makeup shouldn’t steal your self worth. learn to feel good with or without it.learn to love your looks even with that nicely carved brows, with a nude shade eye shadow, a black eye mascara and an amazing pink lip gloss. beauty agrees that you are not concealing your looks, but letting the world know that you are strictly innovative when it comes to spitting out those lollipop fashion ideas

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this is the most beautiful aspect of beauty. learning to make the old ones come back to life in a whole new way. They are old and worn out doesn’t call for throwing them out of your life, it just wants you to go add those nature touches and bring it back to life!

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we need to learn to protect our skin. some skin care differ due to geographical location. learning to know which remedy suits you better saves you time and money. learn to love your skin glow with nature gentle touch!

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its all here beauty lovers. we all learn to be innovative, carve a beauty niche and stay original.

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Dimgbah joy obiageri, popularly known as jaydee is a fashion enthusiast , with storm breaking fashion ideas, if you are tied down on how to make that perfect match,re-brand those old shoes, or get out of that sulky mood because of a messed up hair, then talk to jaydee…….its that easy

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